Worship and Music

Worship 10:30 a.m.

Our worship uses updated liturgies and is centered around the life of Christ. Key elements of our Christ-centeredness include Gospel preaching and weekly communion.

Our Worship Teams

Worship and Music

The Worship and Music team makes sure that our worship life happens. The defining marks of the church are things that happen in worship: praying, preaching, reading scripture, baptizing, communing. We meet the first Tuesday of every month, barring impassable roads or everyone being sick all at once.

Our primary musician is Mr. Duane Dillard. Duane plays the piano and also directs our choir.

Our ushers help people get their worship materials and find open seats, and assist visitors in orienting themselves to the building. They also tally how many folks are present. Want to usher? Contact George Matz. [g.matz@hotmail.com]

Acolytes light our candles and assist with the collection of the offering and the distribution of holy communion. They also are frequently asked to help the pastor when the pastor has too many things to do and not enough hands to do them. Most of our acolytes are children, but there is in fact no age group to which this ministry is assigned. Want to acolyte? Contact treeoflifelc@verizon.net

Assisting ministers (sometimes called “Worship Assistants” here) help the congregation worship by reading Scripture publicly, leading prayers, and distributing Holy Communion. Want to be an assisting minister? Contact treeoflifelc@verizon.net

The Chair of Worship and Music is Sylvia Schill. [SYLSCH@gmail.com,