Pancake Supper 2014

Sunday School Picnic May 17, 2015
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Setup and Preparations in the kitchen

Kitchen prep

Is it ready yet?

Is it ready yet?




Meanwhile, preparations in another room!


start bounce house
Getting there bounce house ready

Elsewhere, the grill is going


The grill is going

Hot dogs on the grill

Sylvia tests out the bounce house


Sylvia testing the house

Sylvia pronounces it ready

And the slide works, too!


And the slide works too

Scott enjoying himself cooking with fire!

Scott is enjoying himself cooking with fire!



Sylvia finally lets the kids in to play!


Sylvia lets the kids in Kids in the bounce house
more kids house of worship?

Is it ready yet?


Is it ready yet

going through the line time for food
more tables overflow seating

Enjoying the picnic?


enjoying the picnic?
bye bye house

Bye bye bounce house


relaxing relaxing part 2
dinner time grill still going

Nicely done



Satisfied with watermelon


satisfied child