Fall Festival

Fall festival, hot dog roast, bonfire, and s'mores. It doesn't get much better than that!

We started out the night with a big bonfire

A big bonfire



Audry enjoying the festival


Mary Jane, Carolyn, and Bill relaxing by the bonfire

Relaxing by the bonfire


George, Arnold, and Dallas

George, Arnold, and Dallas keeping warm by the fire



Alice and Deb enjoying the chilly evening

Alice and Deb enjoying the evening


Jessic and Dee

Jessica and Dee are thinking about moving closer to the fire!



Sylvia and Jim getting coffee to warm up and waiting for the hot dogs

Sylvia and Jim


Mackenzie and Brooke

Mackenzie and Brook playing ball toss



The ball toss target. Uh, that's the board with colored holes, not the window!

Ball toss target


Bella playing ball toss

Bella's turn to play ball toss


Bob spears a bratwurst to put on the grill while Pastor Tim thinks it's time to eat

Bob spearing a bratwurst


Deb and Pastor Tim

Deb and Pastor Tim enjoyed the hot dog roast



Carolyn, Bill, and Jim try to decide if they like the hot dogs or the bratwurst best

Carolyn, Bill, and Jim



Gail and Mary Jane

Gail and Mary Jane enjoying apple cider and dinner



Alice finishes up dinner and tops it off with apple cider

Bob and Sylvia

Bob, the cook, finally gets a chance to eat and Sylvia keeps him company


Bella cooking marshmallows for s'mores

Bella cooking marshmallows
Hanno, Gail, and Patty

Hanno and Gail hamming it up for the camera while Patty watches


Pam's getting a late dinner after a singing gig while Bruce gets in line

Pam and Bruce
Pastor Tim and Audry building S'mores

Pastor Tim and Audry are preparing s'mores