Blessing of the Animals

The annual Blessing of the Animals took place at the Middletown Dog Park on October 6th. This year we had all dogs. The cats decided to stay home I guess, but all animals are invited.

The animals gather for the service

The animals begin gathering at the dog park to get blessed.


Ok, Everyone. Line up and pay attention.

Awaiting their turn

Pastor Tim begins the service
Porky listening to the service

It doesn't take long for Porky's attention to wander!
Porky isn't paying attention

Don't disturb me. I'm taking it all in!
Nodding off in the sun


Pastor Tim starts the blessing. Kaiser gets blessed while Lenin looks on.

Kaiser gets his blessing

Lindy waiting her turn

Lindy is waiting her turn to get blessed and is checking out Bella. A mini me!

Lindy gets blessed and is quite enthusiastic about it. Meanwhile, Bella just thought of something she had to do.

Lindy gets blessed
Bella gets blessed

Bella is finally persuaded to sit for her blessing while Lindy is checking for treats.

Jack getting blessed

Jack gets blessed while Gene wakes up Porky


Mookie is getting impatient to be blessed. It's so hard to be good!

Mookie waits for her blessing
Mookie gets blessed

Ah, Mookie's turn.


And Porky is awake for his blessing.

Porky getting blessed
Getting in line

A few closing prayers.


Are you sure you're not a cat?

Are you a cat?