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Our new building: Before, During, and After

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I was looking back through some photos and thought it might be fun to do a "before and after", but realized that there are some very cool "during" pictures, too. There's too many pictures to put on one page, so they're grouped into several pages.

As always, click on any picture for a larger view.

[Outside Views] [Pastor's Office] [Various Rooms] [Sanctuary]

Front view Alternate front view
Donna pressure washes the building
New ramp with rails  
More roof repairs Water under the roof
On the roof Sylvia on the roof

Professional tree work  
Mowing the lawn Photos/090801/jeanie_clears_brush.jpg
Cleaning up debris Don and Jeff moving conrete sills
Moving cement sills Bobcat to help with outside work
Found an old sofa in the woods Mini front-end loader
Don and Jeff cleaning up Clearing out the woods
Future front entrance New entrance
Front view with dumpster Parking lot striped

Youth group helping out Lunch break in the office area
Inside team having lunch Outside team having lunch